11-11 Investments is an entrepreneur-run evergreen fund investing in teams that build innovative category-setting products and services

11-11 Investments is a first-generation family office building a lego of diversified portfolio across

More than an idea, we believe in investing our efforts and capital in people who are resilient, brilliant, and coachable leaders. We like being part of their journey to building category-leading companies and protocols.


11-11 Investments is the umbrella organization for the following firms.

11-11 Ventures is an innovation driven venture capital firm investing in early stage technology companies with specific focus in blockchain.

Borderless Capital is a Blockchain VC firm and a modern financial institution investing capital and co-building financial products with our portfolio companies that accelerates access, bootstraps adoption, and creates value globally through the Algorand Borderless Economy.

An agnostic maximum risk adjusted return and proprietary capital Fund (non-external LPs) with a compounded-focus thesis for long term value creation


Arul Murugan

Managing Principal

Arul is a builder and investor in Blockchain and Web3. With 20+ years as an entrepreneur and 10+ years as an investor, Arul likes investing his time and capital in early-stage founders and being a part of their journey to build category-defining businesses. 

Arul founded Enrich in 2003, acquired two companies in Europe, built a development center with 300+ engineers in India, and transformed the company from a professional services firm to the category-setting leader in Oracle Procurement cloud during the early years of SaaS business model evolution. Enrich is ranked as an Inc 500 company for five consecutive years from 2007 to 2011, Deloitte Top 50, and Pacesetter by ABC. Arul was also recognized as Entrepreneur of the year by E&Y, Fetna, and B2B magazine. He exited the business to a large private equity firm in 2015. 

Arul co-founded Borderless, a Web3-focused financial institution, in 2018 along with his Argentinian partner David Garcia whom he met in the Bahamas. Borderless has multiple funds in Web3 space and is currently managing $600M of AUM and a portfolio of 160+ companies across Algorand and EdgeFi ecosystems. 

Arul, along with his life partner Kavitha manages their family office, 11-11 Investments, with a diversified portfolio across early-stage startups, private equity, fund of funds, venture debt, and public equities. As a couple, they also spend their time giving back to the community through the AK Foundation in education and sustainability with a mission to plant a million trees.

Kavitha Palani

Managing Principal

Kavitha is an Investor, Mom, Entrepreneur, and a Philanthropist.

Kavitha is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner in 11-11 Ventures and 11-11 Investments, which has invested in 50+ companies across Web 2 and Web 3.

Before 11-11 Ventures, she was a co-founder and President of Enrich, a global leader in Oracle Procurement SaaS. Enrich is now a Data Intensity Company owned by a private equity firm.

Kavitha is actively involved in the community, currently serving as the Co-Founder and Director of AK Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on Education and Sustainability. Kavitha is also the co-founder of Gilbert Goanna Tree Fund, one of the first Web 3.0 impact funds to plant millions of trees across the globe.

Kavitha lives in Miami with her husband, Arul Murugan (Co-founder of Borderless Capital), and two kids. She loves dancing to Bollywood Music, working out, shopping, and traveling.

Karan Rajpal


Karan serves as the problem solver of 11-11 Investments. He assists in streamlining day-to-day operations while playing a significant role in identifying the best investment opportunities in the Web3 space. His background in tech and sell-side trading allows his unique perspectives to understand the risk and workings of new-age Web3 Dapps.

Non profit org

Educating underpriviliged children

Driving environmental impacts

AK Fundations is a private 501 (c) (3) organization co-founded and funded by Arul and Kavitha. Its mission is to support initiatives focusing on helping and educating underprivileged children. The foundation also supports sustainability initiatives. The Gilbert Goanna Tree Planting Fund is Algorand’s first dedicated impact fund, administered by the AK Foundation. The capital raised via donations and community initiatives gets deployed into various de-fi protocols. The generated yield is then used to directly support conservation efforts and tree-planting projects around the globe. This innovative approach allows the fund to be genuinely sustainable in terms of the projects it supports and its longevity. The tree fund has planted 150k trees globally and aims to plant 1 million trees this year.